It is said that all around the world there are 7 people who look exactly like you. Rarely you will ever encounter them, or that's what they told us. The first time I saw one of mine, I  was walking along the subway when I dropped my wallet, looking for my keys. I sighed and... Continue Reading →



I had a gift. No, I wasn't gifted in math. No, neither was I fantastic at English, (although my testing would like to prove me wrong). It wasn't something everyone had, presumingly. I was special. On my way to school I could stop and stare at faces and automatically my brain would pop up any... Continue Reading →


There once was a little cactus, she didnt know how to spell cactes, she loved the sun and water wasnt needed, until she got thirsty but, she just loled, and in the end when she grew old, she passed out peacefully, the cactus was done.


Time. The most precious article we will ever have in our young lives. How we choose to use it is even bigger. Constantly we are being put down for wasting our lives away , continually getting lost in the world of technology. Perhaps that's true in some cases. My thought process is different. Currently its... Continue Reading →


Many say the eyes are the capsule to the soul. They allow you to see the different colors the world has to offer or the emotions people are holding deep down. But I never saw that. I couldn't look into someones eyes and witness what they wanted to tell you deep down. I was born... Continue Reading →


When I was originally put down, I was 19 years old. They wanted to see if it was possible to preserve a human's body for over 40 years. Many supported others, completely dissed this new scientific experiment. I remember walking into the small, cold, tomb and taking a jagged deep breath. I honestly did not... Continue Reading →

The thing about being sad, is that not everyone realizes that you are. They look at you like you are the happiest person in the world but, in reality you feel like your entire world can come crashing within minutes. I didn't realize I was really sad with my life until after I came home... Continue Reading →

I thought today was normal. I woke up in the same bed I had for many years. I did my regular routine, consisting of brushing my teeth and hair, and getting ready for the day. I wore the same makeup as usual. Yet something was off about everything. Composing myself I walked down the stairs... Continue Reading →

Dark. Scared. Alone. My emotions seemed to be able to consume me, like a drug. I wanted to stop and calm down but, I was on overdrive. My mind was racing, and the dizziness was taking over my mind. I threw my head to my knees, wrapping my arms around. Hugging myself. Protecting myself. Slowly... Continue Reading →

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